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[About delivery]

​■How long does it last?

Tokado catering business hours are from 11:00 to 19:00 (does not include travel time due to delivery) 

For deliveries outside business hours,25% of the product budget (tax included)We have received the after-hours charge.

​■ I want you to deliver the product. What are the shipping charges?

It varies depending on the distance from Tokado to the destination.

  • Within 20 minutes from base ¥1,650 (tax included) *Guide: around Yoyogi Station, JiyugaokaStation area, around Meguro Station

  • Within 30 minutes from base ¥2,200 (tax included) *Guideline: around Shinjuku station, around Roppongi station, around Shinagawa station

  • Within 45 minutes from base ¥3,300 (tax included)  *Guideline: Ginza area, Kichijoji station, Odaiba area, Kawasaki station

  • Within 60 minutes from base ¥5,500 (tax included) *Guide: Around Asakusa, Tokyo Big Sight, Yokohama Station

  • 60 minutes or more from base Negotiable


*Estimated delivery area

​■Can you bring it and serve it to the guests? I would like to send staff.

​Supported. Dispatching staff separatelyA fee will be charged.

[Regarding the product]

​■I have an allergy. Can you help me?

If you need to remove allergies or specific ingredients, please include the corresponding ingredients when making an inquiry.

We will omit the relevant ingredients, but since we are cooking other ingredients in the same kitchen, we use the same cooking utensils and cleaning equipment.

​Due to the possibility of contamination with trace amounts of allergens during the processing or cooking process, we cannot guarantee that the product is 100% allergen-free. please note that.

​■Can you make special menus other than the listed products?

​ Depending on your request, we will do our best to accommodate your request.We will ask for details at the time of inquiry or meeting, and we will respond.

​■How long will it last?

Because we use fresh fruit"Expiration date 1 day"(excluding some products such as dried fruits and drinkable fruit jelly)

​■I would like you to decorate the venue as well as fruit.

We will respond by fruit display produce. A coordination fee and service fee will be charged separately from the product price.

​ Coordination costs vary depending on size, so please ask us about your request at the time of meeting.

*The service fee is for the catering service.It is a general term for the cost of [round trip transportation fee, parking lot fee, installation work / removal work].
The calculation method of the service charge is

  • ([fruit catering] + [fruit table coordination]) × 15% (within 20 minutes from the base)

  • ([Fruit catering] + [Fruit table coordination]) × 20% (within 30 minutes from base) 

  • ([fruit catering] + [fruit table coordination]) × 25% (within 45 minutes from base)

  • ([fruit catering] + [fruit table coordination]) × 30% (within 60 minutes from base)

 Example) Cut fruit cup for 100 people¥64,800 + table coordination ¥55,000 + 30 area fee (20%) ¥23,960 = total ¥143,760 (tax included)


​■Can I get plates and chopsticks?

Disposable plates, forks, wet towels, and paper napkins are available for the number of guests.


ご注文は合計¥30,000より承ります(税込/送料込/サービス料込)  ※サービス料:設置作業費・回収作業費・交通費等

​■What are the payment methods?

We accept cash payment, bill payment, QR code payment (face-to-face), and credit card payment (face-to-face/online).

​■Can you issue a receipt?

​Issued. When ordering, please include your address and let us know that you would like a receipt.

​How many days in advance can I place an order?

Please place your order at least 7 days before your desired date and time. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request for orders placed after that time.

​If you are in a hurry for an order within 7 days, please contact us by phone (closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

​How many days in advance can I cancel?

Regarding cancellations and content changes, the following arrangements will be made from the day before the implementation date.

Cancellation fees for bespoke ingredients (optional menus), special construction, and other items that require time for preparation will be separately agreed upon. note that.
The deadline for payment of the cancellation fee is 2 weeks from the date of acceptance of the cancellation.
(Cancellation fee will be charged from the arrival of telephone order, reservation application e-mail, reservation application FAX)

キャンセルについて 2日前から当日はキャンセル料100%いただきます。
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