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company description

"Delicious, fun and exhaustive"

A fruit specialty service company that conveys the deliciousness and enjoyment of fruits to the fullest extent.

We will help customers to lower the threshold of incorporating fruits into their lives and lead a more casual and enjoyable fruit life.

Service description

fruit catering

"Easy and luxurious fruits from specialty stores!"

We will deliver fruits carefully selected by Ota Market's veteran intermediate wholesalers and fruit specialty stores to you, ready to enjoy!

Please enjoy the luxurious taste in a space surrounded by fruits!

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Project description

ethical fruit

"It's boring to eat all the time and have the same thing"

Fruits are not the same, just as each person is different. Depending on the season, there are delicious fruits of that time. And in the background, many people such as farmers and market workers connect the baton of delicious fruits and deliver them to everyone. No fruit should be wasted. With that in mind, Tokado is making efforts to fully convey the deliciousness and fun of fruits. For a future where you can enjoy delicious fruits.

Representative image and biography

代表取締役 岩槻正康

Representative Director, Tokado Co., Ltd.

Masayasu Iwatsuki(Iwatsuki Masayasu)

Born in the United States. Born in Tokyo. After graduating from the State Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, joined Futaba Fruits in 2009 after working at DEAN & DELUCA JAPAN and Kobunsha. In charge of catering for the company. In 2020, he established Tokado, a fruit specialty store, and became the company's representative director.

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fruit catering picture

生搾り飲むゼリー ラベルOEM可

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Catering​service information

You can download a document summarizing Tokado's catering services here. (204MB)

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We can answer all of your questions related to fruit.

​ Please feel free to contact us.

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