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delicious and fun

Tokado is

"Delicious and fun without waste"with the slogan

We will deliver all fruits to you.

eat fruit"delicious!"the word

Deliver in an easy-to-handle format

​Provide encounters with fruits you have never met

Make fruit a part of your daily routine

Create a place where you can eat fruit more easily than now

We will create many words of "delicious!"


eat fruit"fun!"feeling that

What kind of fruit do you have?

what should i choose

How do you like to eat it?

Creating new encounters through fruits

Delivering discoveries and excitement


all the fruits"Without any waste!"use up

Do you throw away damaged fruit?

Do you just throw away the fruit peels?

Fruit of any shape

We will continue to consider the possibility of using up


delicious and fun

It is our philosophy, our mission, and the future we want to aim for.



A new form in Japan
Establish fruit culture

"When was the last time you ate fruit?"


Come to think of it, I haven't eaten recently...

Isn't there a lot of people like that?

for various reasons

・It is troublesome to peel off the skin

・I don't know what to eat


For these reasons, fruit is no longer "everyday".

In fact, it is only in the last few decades that fruits have permeated the diet of the Japanese people, and they have come to be eaten casually.

After the period of rapid economic growth after the war, it was around the time that Japan entered the bubble period.

Fruits such as pineapples and oranges, which are now commonly available at supermarkets, were introduced to Japan after the war.

Yes, Japan's "everyday fruit culture" has a short history.


On the other hand, many Japanese fruits are of high quality, and their popularity is soaring around the world, especially in Asia.

European restaurant chefs sometimes come to buy directly.

From a global perspective, Japan is also a country where high-quality fruits are produced.

Japan, a country where high-quality fruits are born.

We, who are familiar with such fruits, will make “fruit culture” a daily life,

・Coloring your daily life

・Fruit is an ingredient that can be used in various situations

・Various possibilities

We would like to propose these through having everyone eat.


We want as many Japanese people as possible to have more experience with fruits.

And beyond that, in the not-too-distant future, a more fulfilling fruit culture will take root in Japan.


We consider this to be our mission at Tokado.





Continuing to create landscapes with fruit

Tokado will continue to create a landscape with fruits in your daily life.

in everyday life

At the office

at a house party

  at launch

as a gift

Any person, any place

When you have fruit, it naturally makes you smile.


for you, for your loved ones

Color your daily life with fruits.


Take that kind of everyday life for granted.

Tokado will continue to create “landscapes with fruits”.

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